Experiencing A Enthralling Jungle Safari

Safari is an adventure ride that gives an the opportunity to explore the unexplored trails and un-ruined natural horizons of desert, country side, and not to forget, the forests. It’s a common thing to visit a new country, meet new people and new explore new places. But have you ever wondered getting close to the natural habitat, animals and the surroundings? Jungle Safari allows you do just that. It is also a way to understand the beauty of the eco system which comes in a package of fun filled outback adventure sports, forest walks and sightseeing. In fact if you are an ardent nature enthusiast, this is indeed the best way to explore the uncovered trails of natural echelon that forms taking different forms in different parts of the country. Exploring colossal wild life in Indian sub-continent is an adventure beyond imagination, a hunt that will take you closer to the greater spaces of nature.

Doing the ‘Safari Ride’

Considering the uncertain behaviors of the wild, it is always important to ensure safety. Depending upon the place which you intend to explore, your tourist guide will arrange for a Jeep, caravan, or tall, strong animals like the Elephant, Camel, Horse etc.

While swaying on an elephant or rattling on a jeep, one is ought to experience the tread the untrodden paths of the forests – enjoying a peerless experience in dense vegetation. The jungle safaris are full of adventure splendor that will track down the green and settle your camps amidst the jungle delight or just chase the deer on an elephant’s back for a magnificent experience.

What to look for in a Safari

India is a home for hundreds of rare wild life species, bird sanctuaries apart from the famous and magnificent cats (Tigers and Leopards). The migration patter of birds from one part of the world to another is a fascinating subject in itself and therefore the reason for diversification and continual evolutions. Some of the famous species of birds found in the National parks of India are – Racquet tailed drongo’s, tree pies, jungle owlets, Minivets, ioras, sun birds, Stork billed Kingfisher, Sarus crane. All these species and sub-species of birds make it a tourist delight for people of all age, region and cultural backgrounds.

Besides, there are varieties of deer, herds of elephants, colorful reptiles, and plethora of bird species, medicinal plants, some hundred years old trees that form the major habitat of the jungle. And if luck favors, one can also visit the well preserved forts and museums in the surroundings that form other attraction in these wildlife sanctuaries and parks.

Below are some of the Safari places one should not miss to visit. In fact these places have millions of tourist visitors from around the world.

Famous Jungle Safari Places:

  • Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bandipur National Park
  • Sundarbans, West Bengal
  • Kaziranga National Park, Assam
  • Manas Tiger Reserve, Assam
  • Kanha National Park, MP
  • Bandhavgarh National Park, MP
  • Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan
  • Sariska wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan
  • B.R. Hills Wildlife Adventure Resort, Karnataka
  • Namdhapha National Park
  • Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur
  • Dachigam National Park, J&K
  • Velvadhar National Park, Gujarat
  • Arunachal Forests

While it sounds simple, one must the right things to do during a Safari. Below points might come handy.

Do’s & Don’ts Of Jungle Safari:

Exploring the jungle always brings out numerous surprises for both the nature lover and explorer. But in our excitement to explore the natural environs we sometimes forget that we have a duty to follow, to keep the environment clean.

While visiting any of the national parks or wildlife sanctuaries of India you should remember that they are protected areas under the Forest Department of India, so do not indulge in such activities that can go against the nature conservation programs of the forest department. When on your jungle expedition just keep in mind that animals are not present natural habitats because it’s their home, so do not disturb them. If you want to take photographs be careful of not disturbing the animals, remember you are in their territory.

So! Come and indulge into the jungle safari tour of Indian wildlife, the only way to explore the untamed lives of the voracious world. Hire a jeep or sit back on an elephant, the experience will never be quite the same for the various reserves in the country are the places that will give you the cherishing experience of becoming one with nature.

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