School Trips

Deep Jungle home is suitable for school and college camping trips. We are able to accommodate 55 students at a time on four sharing basis. Our student package plan start from 1200Rs per day per child inclusive of all meals, activities and accommodation. List of activities include bird watching, kayaking, bamboo rafting, nocturnal walk, low ropes course, Archery, Telescope watch, Chocolate making. Many leading schools in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Chennai use of campus for their camping trips and school excursions. For every 15 students one teacher goes free!! For two day and three day itinerary and other attracting school and college student packages please do contact us on 09448476888
Dear Sir and Madam,
We had a great time in Deep Jungle Home, Gudalur. To be very frank I had a number of apprehensions about taking 38 girls to an unknown place as I am answerable for any misadventure to both parents and college authorities. I must say that you and your staff were very helpful and assuring in the way you took charge of all our needs. The smallest request from our side was always met and our students had a very memorable and educative trip. Even after our return they have been recollecting various incidents and nuggets of information that they had garnered in Deep Jungle Home, Gudalur. Many of them have become passionate about the environment and I can see a change in them, for which I'm thankful to you and your staff.
It is a great service that you and your staff are doing to kindle an interest in the environment and the creatures around us. I think your approach of feeding information in a pleasant and palatable form has had an impact on them. Varied activities like bird watching, short lectures, trekking, quiz and safari ensured that their interest levels were always at a peak.  The food was also great and was much commended. We also appreciate the fact that you managed to bring tribal folk in spite of problems. Thanks a lot for giving students a lifetime experience which would also be life changing.
With regards
Dr. Lilian I. Jasper
Associate Professor,
Department of English, Women's Christian College